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WE UNDERSTAND that money is tight for everyone these days, especially for those of us with children living at home.  that’s why we have chosen to keep our prices affordable for the everyday family member.  OUR GOAL is for every family to have portraits that they will love and cherish for generations, and we want to be the ones to CAPTURE those memories!

MINI SHOOT| occasionally we will sponsor “mini shoots” where we do multiple photo shoots in one location.  these shoots will be at a lower cost and smaller number of images, but with the same dedication and quality of one of our full location shoots!
[ $95 – 10 edited images ]

LOCATION SHOOT| these are our standard location shoots.  we will go to where you are and shoot you, your family, your dog and whomever else you would like to add into photos that will last a lifetime.  there is a lot of flexibility with these shoots and a lot of opportunity for creativity!
[$125 – 20 edited images ]

GRADUATION SHOOT| with our graduation shoots we like to personalize the shoot and location to the graduate themselves.  we will shoot in multiple locations and give ample time and opportunity for wardrobe changes.  we want to have as much fun as possible with our graduates during the process and create some memories that they will always cherish when they remember their final year of high school! 
[$175 – unlimited edited images]

WEDDING SHOOT| though we are not your typical wedding photography outfit, we would love the opportunity to capture your special day.  due to nature of wedding shoots we quote each wedding separately taking into consideration the number of hours needed for the wedding and the location.

**shoots that require driving outside of the pensacola area are subject to a mileage charge.
**All sitting fees are for up to 4 people. There will be an additional charge of $5 per person for more than 5.

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