STEPHEN AND KYLA TIPTON are a husband and wife photography team.  They are the parents of four (yes I said four) daughters.  STEPHEN had three daughters from a previous marriage (MyKale, McKenzie and Madison) and he and KYLA have one daughter together (Kailynn).  Their daughter MyKale was married in 2016 and added a son-in-law (Andrew) and their daughters (Hazel and Rosie) to complete this family full Circle.

STEPHEN AND KYLA are both passionate about photography and love capturing moments that most people would over look.

In 2004 KYLA was in a car accident that took away the use of her legs.  She has been in a wheel chair since then.  She is strong and independent and is a living testimony of how GOD can take a bad situation and turn it around.  She met STEPHEN in 2013 which is when their journey began together.  They have different ideas and concepts of what creativity and good photography looks like, which brings together the best of both worlds and captures the true essence of what a diverse photography team can do when they work together!


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